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Gold SEO Performance Report


SEO Benchmarker's Gold Reports are our most popular reports and are ideal for every stage of the pro-active SEO competitive performance analysis process for every established web site.

Gold Reports are the perfect SEO competitive analysis tool for all web site stakeholders, regardless of their technical understanding, as all tailored reports are written in plain english.

Gold Reports contain all of the features and benefits of the Classic Reports and much more.

Gold Reports clearly identify the search engine performance benchmark your web site must achieve to out-perform your competitors and win the SEO game.

Like all SEO Benchmarker reports, Gold Reports are produced to deliver tailored competitive analysis of a primary web page against up to 5 competitors' web pages.

Each Gold Report contains over 20 pages of information including SEO Benchmarker's exclusive Top 20 weighted one word, two word and three word key phrases within each web page analysed.

This priceless information shows how search engines like Google actually see the web pages analysed and provides a significant competitive advantage in the SEO game.

Gold Reports also cover the 8 key areas SEO Benchmarker has proven over years of research to contribute significantly towards Search Engine Optimisation performance:
  • Search Engine Index (check for listing in major engines)
  • Google Page Rank
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Meta Title Strength
  • Meta Description Strength
  • SEO Friendly Sitemap
  • Page Load Speed
  • Content Heading Structure
Full scoring criteria, why each of the key areas is important and tailored instructions, tips and tactics about how to improve performance within each of the 8 key areas are included in every Gold Report, as is a summary of all action required in step-by-step point form.

Gold Report Contents:

Section One:
Report Introduction

Section Two:
Lists the web pages analysed and presents their overall individual scores out of 300 and their scores for each of the 8 key report areas in a pie chart format

Section Three:
The top 20 weighted one word, two word and three word key phrases contained within each of the web pages analysed

Section Four:

Detailed explanations of the scoring criteria for each of the 8 key areas covered within the report and actual report scores for each web page analysed within each key area along with tailored recommendations for improvement based on the score of the primary web page within each of the 8 key report areas

Final Section:
Conclusion: Bullet point list summary of all pro-active recommendations for improvement based on the report scores of the primary web site and further information about SEO Benchmarker and additional service options