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Why SEO Benchmarker?

SEO Benchmarker Search Engine Optimisation Performance Analysis Reports are unique in many ways including:
  • Just the FACTS. SEO Benchmarker Reports are designed to empower the website owner (or their web developer) to take the action required to out-perform the competition and win the search engine rankings battle. Our reports are not intended to generate additional business for us to fix the problems identified in our reports

  • Provision of both the "raw" and "weighted" keyword and key phrase count on the web pages analysed within each report (Gold and Platinum Level Reports only) is unique to SEO Benchmarker and reveals how many times search engines actually factor specific keywords and key phrases. We believe this is absolutely essential knowledge when undertaking any pro-active SEO initiative: If you don't know what the competition is doing how can you beat them?

  • Tailored reporting that contains plain English, simple to understand explanations aimed at all levels of technical understanding from novice to expert. SEO Benchmarker Reports empower website owners to communicate with their web developers with clear evidence in hand and not be "blinded by science"

  • Pro-active, step-by-step instructions about how to improve search engine performance across all key areas of importance (Gold and Platinum Level Reports only). SEO Benchmarker empowers web developers and website owners with all the knowledge they need to to make all the changes required to out-perform their competition

  • Economical: SEO Benchmarker clients benefit from our highly efficient report production systems, which delivers significant economies that are in turn reflected in our report pricing