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What Is SEOB's Weighted Keyword Count?

SEO Benchmarker Search Engine Optimisation Performance Analysis Reports are unique in many ways including provision of both the "raw" and "weighted" keyword and key phrase count on the web pages analysed within each report (available in Classic, Gold and Platinum Reports).

The "raw" count is the actual number of times a keyword or key phrase such as "Tennis Shoes Mudgee" appears on a web page, however, the "weighted" count is how many times the major search engines actually count each keyword or key phrase.

SEO Benchmarker obtains this priceless information via application of a proprietary algorithm that has proven over years of experience to be highly accurate in providing the "weighted" keyword/key phrase count on web pages analysed.

The "weighted" count goes far beyond the "raw" count or "density" to actually reveal to our clients how many times search engines actually factor each specific keyword and key phrase on the web pages analysed, which provides our clients with an almost unfair advantage in the competitive analysis stakes.